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Spring is in the Air.... - Sweet Basil Cards


Mar 9, 2013 0 Comments

….we hope.  Even with snow still on the ground, the light is changing and it feels as though we’re moving closer to springtime.  A friend or family member would always love to get a card from you, and it would be especially nice right now.  Maybe someone you know isn’t feeling well, has just lost someone special,  is celebrating a birthday, or would love a word of encouragement.  St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are both in March—-more good reasons to send someone a card.

Enjoy this time of year.  We’re still inside most of the time, but that’s also nice.  Share a cup of tea with a friend, clean out that closet, make a list of the vegetables you’d love to grow in the garden this summer.  Every season has its own delightful sides.

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